Collectible-Arms welcome you to a truly International firearms website - both partners Harry Gordon in England and Richard Preuss in Germany bring you the benefit of over 50 years combined experience of  collecting and selling quality firearms to both the shooter and the specialist collector.


  L42A1 Sniper Rifle - SOLD

 We hold probably the largest stock of handguns in the UK suitable for Section 7  authority and deactivation and always have a selection of antique and obsolete calibre firearms which do not require a licence in the UK.

A stock of Military rifles is always held for the shooter and collector - if you do not see what you require on our pages please telephone or e.mail and we will endeavour to find for you.

We always carry a selection of handguns available for Animal Euthanasia and advise on suitability and choice of equipment to Veterinary Surgeons, Pest Control Companies  and Police Authorities.

 With over 30 years experience of Importing and Exporting firearms to most Continents advice is  freely given to help you through the bureaucracy. Please contact us for a firm quotation.

 All classes of firearms and ammunition are exported to Clients of 3 major UK firearm Auction Houses


Deactivation - all our UK deactivated firearms are issued with a Proof House Certificate which is a confirmation that the deactivation has been completed to  Home Office guidelines - £110 plus postage and packing.

UK Postal inland charges including packing - rifles £20 - obsolete calibre and deactivated handguns - £10

For UK prohibited weapons eg; licensable handguns, machine guns, most semi- automatic rifles, certain shotguns and ammunition categories  - a Home Office Section 5 Prohibited Weapons Carrier's Licence is held and each consignment has to be charged on an individual basis - please contact for a firm quotation.

All items offered for sale on our pages are in stock